Play Online Bingo

Are you in the mood to play bingo? gives you the opportunity to play! After you registered, you can play bingo directly by clicking on the “Play Now’ button. Beter Bingo offers multiple types of bingo rooms. In the lobby you can see which rooms are available.

You can switch from bingo room to another bingo room by clicking on the button ‘bingo rooms’. This is only possible if you did not already bought a bingo card for the room you started.

Beter bingo is always fun!

When you are familiar with the online bingo rules of, you can start to play for money. The bingo cards are for sale in the bingo rooms. You can easily buy them by clicking on the button ‘cards’ or ‘Buy Forward’. In the bingo rooms new rounds start frequently, a new round starts when the counter is set to zero.

bingo spelletjes

Play automatically
De bingo balls appear at the upper right hand corner of your screen. When the numbers at the balls match the numbers on you card, they will automatically be ticked off by the system. This means you do not have to do that yourself. When you are the first player that has a whole line ticket off, then you win a price. When you are the first player that has a whole card ticket off, you win the game.

When you have a Full House within 40 balls, then you win the jackpot. When you have a Full house within 32 balles, you win the Progressive Jackpot. The game ends when a player has a Full House.

Buy Cards has a Autobuy option, this makes it easier to buy bingo cards. With the auto-buy option you can indicate how many cards you would like to buy each round. These card will be bought automatically for you.

Bu cards for a event
BingoDuck organizes special bingo-events on a regular base. The pre-buy option makes it possible to buy bingo card for an event in advance. The system can automatically play with your cards for you, without you being logged on.